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Spring Ayurvedic Cleanse

$580.00 Regular Price
$550.00Sale Price

Spring Ayurvedic Cleanse

7 Day Cleanse Guidance and Kit includes*:

-One on one Consult to chat about your specific constitution, Recipes for cleanse, Daily routine for cleanse

-Pre and Post 7 day Cleanse support, plus daily check-ins

-Tongue Scraper

-Dry brush/gloves

-Triphala (gentle cleansing bedtime herbs)

-Cumin Coriander Fennel tea

-Kapha Spice blend for Kitchari

-Organic White Rice & Organic Red Split Lentils

-Vivirae Wellness blessed 100% grass fed Ghee

-Vivirae Wellness blessed Massage oil blend from local herbs

-Vivirae Wellness blessed Nasya (herbal nose oil)

-Vivirae Wellness blessed cleansing incense stick for meditation and intentional clearing

-Vivirae Wellness blessed Universal (or tailored) Pelvic Steam blend

-Vivirae Wellness blessed Post cleanse tea & tincture blended specifically for you and your rejuvenation

*To avoid online booking fees, please Venmo me directly at Vivian-Rae-Lambert

*If you have some of these items already, please let me know so we can reduce your total!

*Sign Up BEFORE 4/1, $550. After 4/1, the price will go up to $580

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