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Vivian has a wonderful rapport and caring approach to her bodywork.  She personalizes each session and combines strength with gentle techniques to provide a transformative experience for the body and mind.

John K

Vivian’s professionalism and attention to your needs provides the basis for a wonderful experience.  Whether for therapeutic or relaxing purposes, Vivian will deliver.  You will not want to get up off the table, and you will find yourself looking forward to your next visit.

Nancy S

Vivian is wonderful! She brings a very palpable presence and offers a deep and caring attention to detail. She also has a really peaceful place filled with herbs! It’s a very safe and welcoming setting.

Beau D


"Intuitive and gifted! Vivian is an excellent choice for self care."

-Heather K

"Vivian is a knowledgeable and inspirational Ayurvedic practitioner.
She listens deeply, and's has lots of knowledge to share.
I love her pelvic steaming blends, personal tinctures, and teas
I am working my way through mold toxicity - Vivian’s blends have been integral on this journey! I highly recommend her as a practitioner!"

-Melissa H

"Vivian is an AMAZING practitioner, and I recommend her wholeheartedly. I have worked with Vivian on various modalities. She guided me through a one-week Ayurvedic cleanse that was better than any such cleanse I have ever experienced. She has provided me with many specially formulated herbal tinctures, elixers, and teas that have helped me through many difficult times. I've been the recipient of her energy healing both in person and remote, and these were deep experiences. I have also experienced her masterful bodywork. I only wish I lived closer because I would be a regular. If you are close enough to go see Vivian, or even just want to connect with her remotely, do it."

-Hamid J

"Vivian is wonderful--her gentle and calm demeanor beautifully compliment her relaxing and healing sessions. I leave feeling restored, calm, and content."

-Maddie H

"Vivian is an exceptional healer (and I have seen many over the years). Her ability to unite highly-skilled energy work, intuition, sound work and massage is extremely unusual. She knows the body well and is adept at the physical aspects of bodywork. She also creates a profoundly kind and safe space in which I can show up completely for the deepest possible healing of the non-physical bodies. Her intuition and ability / willingness to connect to me as a client is generous, grounded and restorative. She is, to put it simply, gifted. I cannot recommend her enthusiastically enough - she is amazing."

-Lydia H

"Vivian's warmth and kindness welcome me at the door, as does her tranquil space. She is experienced and able to "hear" with her hands what my body needs most. When we part company, I always feel relaxed and very well cared for.  Like a warm breeze on a chilly autumn day, bodywork with Vivian is always a delightful treat!"

-Jenn B

"Vivian is incredible! I had a ayurvedic consult, ongoing check ins, and massages and I couldn't be happier. Vivian is friendly, kind, a great communicator, and she is full of knowledge that she is very willing to share. My health and my life are already improving based on the recommendations she's made, and I will be her client for LIFE. I highly recommend Vivian!"

-Abbie M

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