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Pelvic Health Steam Consultations

Pelvic steaming (also referred to as vaginal steaming or yoni steaming for women and lingam steaming for men) involves making a large pot of tea and sitting over the medicinal herbal steam while it circulates gentle nourishing warmth throughout the reproductive organs. Pelvic steaming is a universal tradition that's been practiced for thousands of years, especially to benefit women’s health. The practice is thankfully making a comeback in Western mainstream populations after being suppressed since Colonial times by a patriarchal medical establishment.

Pelvic steaming has numerous benefits for people of all ages. It's most commonly used in postpartum recovery to regenerate the tissues from any tears, prolapse or trauma after the birthing process. Steam users have also reported lubrication increasing, cysts dissolving, fibroids shrinking and hormone balancing. Other recorded benefits include releasing infections, clearing trauma, tuning menstrual cycles, improving fertility, relieving pain, assisting contraception, and regulating the nervous system.

Pelvic Health Steam Consult

Herbs, steam time, and steam setup vary widely depending on the individual, their desired results, and the issues at hand. As a trained and certified Peristeam practitioner, I will collaborate with you to ensure the correct steam protocol catered to your needs and constitution. I will be your guide as you learn to listen to your womb, and will help you understand your unique pelvic health. I will teach you proper womb care and facilitate your steam sessions if desired.

$120 for 60 minute consult. Cash, Check, & Venmo accepted. Custom Pelvic Herbal Steam Blend and Pelvic Steam Sauna Seats sold separately.

Distance phone or video consults also available.  To request a gift certificate, learn more, or book, Contact me.

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