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Ready to Reset and Rejuvenate? Please join me for a gentle and nourishing

Spring Ayurvedic Cleanse

Spring is the season of Kapha, the energy of Water and Earth. The ground thaws, streams run again, seeds begin to stir underfoot, buds and greens swell forth. After a long winter of eating heavier foods to ground us and keep us warm, it’s time for lighter foods that help slough off excess build-up in our bodies. To support this transition into Spring, it’s highly beneficial to do a gentle cleanse.

Ayurvedic cleanses focus on warm nourishing foods that are easily digested so that the body can let go of what does not serve us - such as the accumulation of environmental toxins, stuck emotions, stress and processed foods. This allows the body to tap into its innate wisdom to heal, deeply rest and repair.

I am offering a 7 day Ayurvedic Spring Cleanse April 8th-14th. If the dates don’t work for you, reach out and we will find a time that’s right for you.


Total 7 day cleanse includes:

-One on one Consult to chat about your specific constitution, Recipes for cleanse, Daily routine for cleanse

-Pre and Post 7 day Cleanse support, plus daily check-ins


Complete Cleanse Kit includes:

-Tongue Scraper

-Dry brush/gloves

-Triphala (gentle cleansing bedtime herbs)

-Cumin Coriander Fennel tea

-Kapha Spice blend for Kitchari

-Organic White Rice & Organic Red Split Lentils

-Vivirae Wellness blessed 100% grass fed Ghee

-Vivirae Wellness blessed Massage oil blend from local herbs

-Vivirae Wellness blessed Nasya (herbal nose oil)

-Vivirae Wellness blessed cleansing incense stick for meditation and intentional clearing

-Vivirae Wellness blessed Universal (or tailored) Pelvic Steam blend

-Vivirae Wellness blessed Post cleanse tea & tincture blended specifically for you and your rejuvenation

Package: $580* Sign up before 4/1: $550


Highly Recommend during cleanse (but optional): 

-At least one Vivirae Wellness bodywork session: $120

-Pelvic Steam Sauna box (good for life): $225

-At least one sauna at your preferred location


*Already have some of these supplies? Contact me to let me know what you don’t need.

Live far away but still want to join? I can ship and provide virtual support!

These dates don’t work for you? Contact me to book another time to cleanse!

Applying Essential Oil
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