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Pelvic Healing

The pelvic area is the home of the sacral chakra, the second of seven energy centers in our being. This area is the center for sexuality, creativity, emotions and the miracle of birth; it holds and passes on both the positive loving experiences and the negative traumatic ones.

Most of us can remember life experiences that are traumatic, whether they are psychological, sexual or physical. We can also suffer from karmic trauma. How can we heal from trauma so that it does not weigh down our sacral chakra?

We are traumatized when something happens too quickly, without being able to process it in the moment. When we use the proper tools to work with the trauma, it doesn’t get stuck. What do we do with trauma that we have not been able to process and that has become lodged? Here are some of the tools I’ve learned over the years from various teachers to work with the sacral chakra trauma healing and clearing.

~Renew your relationship with the Earth, take care of her as she takes care of you. The Womb is often likened to Mother Earth, both holding darkness, nourishment, and life force. Womb work is synonymous with Earth work. Compost, Plant, Harvest with intention and gratitude, ask and listen to what she needs.

~Balance fast forceful traumatic events by slowing down and taking time to metabolize the experience, both on your own and with a guide. Listen and have patience with yourself.

~Explore Tantra; all the books by Diana Richardson highlight the importance of slow and conscious cool soft sex, working with the natural energy polarities of the body. This allows for natural healing and clearing. She advocates letting go of hot, friction based, goal oriented fast sex, which exponentially increases tension, pain, and oversensitivity over time for both men and women.

~Learn to track your sensations in both your inner and outer world. When something feels overwhelming, be curious about the sensations in your body, and go between the channels of image, touch, listening, etc. This allows your emotions to flow and release instead of becoming stuck.

~Oscillate your focus between the joyful sensations and the painful ones. We often get caught and stuck in the negative. Practice resting in joy and awe.

~Soft focus. When you notice yourself trying to figure something out, when the mind starts to repeat every detail endlessly repetitively, practice catching yourself and looking up. Take in the horizon. Take in sensations. Notice your breath. Practice residing in expansiveness when you can.

~Receive touch. Let someone else help guide you on your journey with bodywork, energy work, sound healing. These modalities are extremely powerful when combined because they allow the body to rest in feeling good and releasing stuck patterns. Abdominal massage, singing bowls and tuning forks support this healing process. I offer all of these, so please reach out if you’d like this help.

~Pelvic Steaming. Steaming is incredibly nourishing and powerful. The herbal medicine and warmth of the steam is an ancient practice that naturally lets you rest in feeling good, which is important for healing and clearing trauma. If touch is hard to receive, this is a practice that can be done completely on your own. Please make sure to work with a certified steam practitioner (such as myself) to ensure the correct herbs and setup for your constitution, moon cycle, and specific issues.

~Create. With your hands, your words, your body, whatever lights you up! Move, dance, write, paint.

~Practice voicing your truth. The pelvis and throat are opposite opening ends of the body and are energetically and physically connected. Sounding, singing, and making noise offer healing release.

~Motherwort Flower Essence connects with the physical heart of the uterus, supports self nurturing, mothering, and healthy boundaries. Motherwort tincture helps to strengthen and relax the uterus. My apothecary is stocked with both.

~Plant baths. Set an intention, make a tea of cleansing herbs, strain and wash over yourself outside on a warm day or in the shower.

~Incorporate rituals and ceremonies to release energetic cords from old partners, relationships, and situations.


Call of the Wild, by Kimberly Ann Johnson

The Herbal Womb Podcast , Episode 10 Traditional Womb Healing Practices

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