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Winter Self Care Tips

Updated: Apr 15

Snow blankets the Maine Earth in quiet stillness. After the bustle of the holidays, moving into three more months of winter can feel daunting. A couple years ago, after I gathered with my family for Christmas, I mentioned to my brother that I felt sad to return home away from family. He said wisely, “Ah, but you get to come home to yourself, what better gift is that?” I’m often reminded of this wisdom. Whether the Holidays bring joy, overwhelm, or grief, we all get to come home to ourselves afterwards and return to sourcing our own happiness and feeling the deep peace and love within. Here are some of my favorite Self Care tips that support coming home to myself and that take me through the long winter:

~Magnesium baths: I like to use Ancient Minerals Magnesium flakes, light Candles, and use my Selkie Sea Salt Scrub.

~Warm Drinks (some of my go-tos): 

*Golden Milk: Raw goat/cow milk or Unsweetened full fat pure Coconut Milk, with sprinkles of Turmeric, Black pepper, Cinnamon, and Nutmeg and a bit of Raw Honey before bed

*Hot Cocoa:  Raw goat/cow milk or Unsweetened full fat pure Coconut Milk with raw Cocoa powder, a sprinkle of Cinnamon, Vanilla, and Maple Syrup to taste

*Seaweed tea: ‘Cup of Sea’ Seaweed tea is rich in minerals and full bodied flavor

~Music: Singing, playing an instrument, and dancing bring joy. Sing, play and move on your own or with others! 

~Art: Creativity has always been an important part of my winters. I love making pottery this time of year as well as cards, doodles, and poems. The stillness of the season supports more indoor projects that expand imagination.

~Bodywork: Winter is a wonderful time to come back to your body and nourish your spirit. I offer integrated bodywork that includes sound therapy, warm oil, and essence attunement.

~Pelvic Steaming: Pelvic steaming is an ancient tradition used cross-culturally for pelvic health. For both men and women, it supports deep warmth, circulation, and relaxation. Find a certified steam practitioner, like me, to help you connect to your root!

~Sauna: Sauna is a fantastic way to warm up, increase circulation, detox, and care for your whole being.

~Forest Bathing: Even when it’s cold, Nature offers a deep warmth within. Bundle up and feel the aliveness. Notice the chickadees and squirrels bounding about, and follow animal tracks amongst the evergreens. I take at least one daily adventure outside to soak up Earth’s winter beauty.

~Abhyanga: Self-massage with my homemade body oils or body butters is very grounding (contact me to order!). Send love and appreciation to each part of your body, then soak in your hot bath or hot shower to let the oils and herbs penetrate deeply and nourish dry winter skin.

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