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Food is Medicine, Snack Recipes

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

According to Ayurvedic wisdom, digestion takes about 4-6 hours and encourages us to allow our stomachs to fully absorb nutrients before ingesting more food. This means no snacking! However, if you have a high metabolism with a strong Pitta (energy of Fire and Water) constitution (like me!), it can feel hard (impossible!) to go without nutrition for that long. In this case, instead of allowing your blood sugar to drop and feel faint or ‘hangry’, it may be best to have a healthy light snack mid morning and mid afternoon. I’d like to share some of my favorites in this post. Comment below if you have some!

Adaptogen Chai: Heat on Stove: 1 ¼ C unsweetened Elmhurst

Hazelnut milk, ½ t Ashwagandha powder, ½ t Reishi mushroom powder (from the fruiting body), ¼ t Licorice powder, ¼ t Tulsi powder, dash of Cardamom, Cinnamon, Ginger. Remove from heat, add a drizzle of Vanilla, raw Honey/ Maple syrup, and use a milk frother to blend

Golden Milk: This is an excellent nourishing drink as you’re winding

down for bed. Heat on stove: 1 ¼ C unsweetened Elmhurst Hazelnut milk, 1T coconut oil, 1 t Trumeric, 1 t Shatavari, ⅛ t Ginger powder, ⅛ t Cinnamon powder, pinch of Cardamom powder, Black Pepper, and Saffron. Remove from heat, add raw Honey to taste, and use a milk frother to blend.

Grapefruit with ‘Dressing’: My dear friend Sasha inspired this

interesting snack. It may sound strange, but the ‘dressing’ gives the Grapefruit some extra delightful substance and taste! Peel Grapefruit and separate sections, de-seed, and place in a bowl. Drizzle olive oil to coat, sprinkle Turmeric, Black Pepper, and Cinnamon. Add a little raw honey if desired and mix. Yum!

Fruit/Veggie with Tahini Goddess Dip: Your choice of Apple/Celery/

Carrot/Fennel with dip (blend ¼ c Lemon juice, 3/4 C Tahini, 1-3 Garlic cloves,

Salt and Cayenne if desired)

Smoothie: Ayurveda advises that fruits (especially bananas) are best digested on their own, so this makes them a great quickly digested easy snack between meals. If eating with other foods, add spices to help digest, like Cinnamon, Black Pepper, Ginger, and hot water (cold foods put out the digestive fire). Most smoothie recipes do combine a protein source, healthy liquid and fat, and fruits/vegetables. Try this blend: 1 T Hemp seeds, 1 T ground Flaxseed, 1 T raw Cacao powder, 1 T Maca powder, 1 T Almond butter, inch of fresh Ginger, inch fresh Turmeric, ½ an

Avocado, ½ a Banana, ½ C berries, ½ C unsweetened Elmhurst

Hazelnut milk, ¼ C hot water

Bliss Ball Bites: Blend in food processor (nuts/seeds first) and form into 1 T balls: ½ C Sunflower seeds or slivered Almonds, ½ C Walnuts, 3 T hemp seeds, 3 T pumpkin seeds, 3 T ground Flax seeds, 2 T nut/seed butter, 6 pitted medjool dates, 2 T Raisins, ¼ C unsweetened shredded Coconut, 2 T Cacao powder, 1 t vanilla extract, ¼ t Cinnamon powder, ¼ t Cardamom powder

Seed Bread: This one has made a showing in my winter breakfast and lunch recipes, but it’s also great on its own as a nourishing snack! Recipe from Aviva Romm’s Hormone Intelligence book, or something similar to this recipe. Heat a slice on a skillet, then top with avocado/lemon/garlic/cilantro mash, Almond butter, or grass-fed butter/ghee!

Chili Nuts: 8 C nuts/seeds, ⅓ C melted Coconut oil/Ghee, 1 T Chili

powder, ½ t Cayenne, ½ t Garlic salt. Preheat oven to 300, line 2 rimmed baking sheets with wax paper. Place nuts in a single layer on baking sheets. Roast about 30 minutes, stirring occasionally until golden. Combine melted oil with spices. Pour mixture over hot nuts and stir to coat. Continue to roast until crisp, about 20 minutes. Remove from oven, and transfer to a double layer of paper towels to cool. Can be stored at room temperature for 10 days. These can be hard not to gobble down, but 1-2 T is a serving :)

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