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Womb Care

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

In last month’s blog post, I introduced the beneficial practice for women of all ages, Pelvic Steaming. This month, I explore a co-practice for those of menstruating age: proper womb care during menstruation. Pelvic steaming isn’t effective without these guidelines for womb care. I also share supportive tips for pelvic health when not menstruating.

Through a regular pelvic steam practice and proper womb care, cycles can reach an ideal homeostasis. In Keli Garza’s Pelvic steaming certification, I learned that a healthy cycle is 28 days, and that menstruation includes 4 days of fresh red blood which is free of clots, brown blood, pain, and emotional symptoms. If you are having issues that vary from this healthy state, it’s helpful to work with a practitioner so your cycle can come back into balance. Herbs, steam time, and steam setup vary widely depending on the individual, their desired results, and the issues at hand. As a trained and certified Peristeam practitioner, I will collaborate with you to ensure the correct steam protocol catered to your needs and constitution. Please contact me to book a consultation.

Pelvic steaming helps to release stagnation. This means that as the uterus begins to heal and re-regulate, there can be discharge such as old brown blood, clots, cysts, fibroids, or mucus. Because of this extra clearing (in addition to the natural uterine cleanse during menses), it’s necessary to practice proper moon time care. If cycling, these practices are important, whether or not a person has a steam practice:

  1. Avoid plugs. This includes tampons and menstrual cups. Although cups are a much better alternative, both cups and tampons hold the blood inside the uterus, increasing stagnation, clotting, and bleeding time. Use organic disposable cotton pads, reusable organic cotton pads or PFAs free menstruation underwear like Aisle (not the brand THINX, which has recently been detected with PFAs).

  2. Avoid any practices that produce the opposite flow, including inversions and penetration. During a uterine cleanse, the blood needs to move down and out without complication or obstruction.

  3. Rest. As the uterus is cleansing, there’s less energy for other activities, so it’s important to allow the body to rest. Western culture has normalized a 'push through' mentality without reverence to this time of the month. The ‘push through’ mentality is one of the main reasons why there are so many issues with menstruation, including pain, irregular cycles, and various forms of related dis-ease. It can be helpful to track your cycle so that you can look ahead and clear your schedule as much as possible. Have others cook for you or put away easy meals for this time of the month.

  4. Keep warm. Help the blood move down, stagnation free, and use a hot water bottle and womb wraps (like a scarf tied around the waist) to assist the natural uterine cleanse.

  5. Avoid all cold food, cold drinks, cold weather. Cold increases stagnation. Focus on hot teas, warm foods, extra nourishment, as the body is producing extra blood.

During the rest of the month, or if you’re not cycling, these practices can also assist a healthy womb:

  1. Castor oil packs. Castor oil packs can be used by all, and are beneficial on all areas of the body, most commonly on the liver, but also wonderful on the lower abdomen, womb area, and yoni. They help to dissolve old tissue, release toxins, soothe the nervous system and balance hormones. Use only cold pressed Castor oil from a dark glass bottle, no plastic!

  2. Moon reverence. Being in touch with the cycle of the moon helps the natural circadian and seasonal rhythms. I’d love to see you at one of my Moon Ceremonies!

  3. Bodywork, especially abdominal massage. Find a practitioner who you resonate with and set up regular sessions. Additionally, practice your own daily massage or energy work. Abdominal massage is incredible for releasing tension and trauma held in the belly and womb. I also use a beautiful singing bowl that was made specifically to vibrate deep into the cells for extra sacral chakra healing.

  4. Singing, chanting, sounding. The mouth and yoni have similar tissue, and as opposite opening ends of the body, are energetically and physically connected. Making vocal sounds can help heal and release trauma held in the womb.


  1. Earth Intuitive, Author, Teacher, & Herbalist Asia Suler’s Pussy Portal class

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