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How to Protect from EMFs

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

In my last post, I wrote about our water bodies and how they are highly affected by all external and internal energies, including Electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs), pollution, and thoughts. So, for this post, I’ll focus on what we can do to help protect ourselves from harmful EMFs.

Everything emits vibrating waves of energy, referred to as electromagnetic fields or frequencies. These waves can be measured by how many times the pattern repeats itself in a second, called a Hertz. Nikola Tesla first documented the Earth’s vibrational frequency in 1899, which is an average of 7.83 Hz. Using the Earth’s frequency, he innovated wireless energy transmission (the original Wifi). As technology has developed, the wireless energy transmission systems of today use much faster energy waves-in several hundreds of Giga-Hertz rather than the extremely low natural 7.83 Hz Earth resonance.

Our whole system receives and reacts to these incoming artificial electromagnetic frequencies, but how they are influenced is less understood and controversial. However, the research mentioned in my last post by various doctors and scientists studying water and our water bodies make it clear that these artificial frequencies are harmful to be immersed in daily. In Dr. Carly Nuday’s book, Water Codes, she says that, “harmful artificial electromagnetic frequencies degrade water’s structural integrity; whether they are generated from computers, cell phones, televisions, radios, microwaves, Wi-fi signals, or even the hum of your local power grid.” She goes on to say, “Even today’s smartphones come with a warning in their user’s manual-to keep the device at least one inch away from the body. Which begs the question-if it is potentially dangerous to your health to touch the device, how is a person supposed to use it…(cell phones) should be used entirely hands free. Holding smart phones next to your ears has been connected to brain tumors, cancers, and other diseases, through well-researched studies. Not because they are leaking a chemical poison–but because they are generating an electromagnetic one.”

There are a lot of devices on the market that are advertised to shield and protect people from harmful EMFs. As noted here on the Tech Wellness website, which has a plethora of helpful information on EMFs and related studies, most EMF protection gadgets don’t seem to work, and actually make things worse. The best options I’ve found are:

-Turn off WiFi at night or when not in use–I like this remote, offered by Tech Wellness, as it’s easy and allows me to avoid going near my router

-When talking on your device, place it as far away from your body as possible–use the speaker option or use earbuds like these, which have an extra long cord with anti-radiation shielded wires and hollow air tubes

-Re-visit my Earthing post to remind yourself of the benefits of using a grounding pad when working on devices and at night when sleeping

-Turn your phone on Airplane or use a Faraday bag (which blocks Wifi signals) for your phone when not in use

-If you’re using 5G on your phone, Google how to turn it off, and use the lowest Cellular Data option instead. For iPhones, follow the steps here

-Go outside, walk barefoot, and soak up nature to recharge to the Earth’s vibration as much as

possible. Disconnect from the modern fast paced world often, and off grid if possible

What have you found that helps? Leave a comment below if you have something to add!

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