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The Magic of Earthing

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Despite my daily practice of meditation, yoga, nature immersion, and healthy diet, I've still struggled with sleeping soundly and moon/mood cycle disruptions. My doctor recently recommended a grounding sleep mat, a conductive mat that's plugged into a grounded outlet, which connects your body to the Earth energy. I've now slept on a grounding mat for the past month and have already experienced terrific results. I immediately felt a tingling through my whole body and a profound sense of being held and relaxed. I've been sleeping well, and I even took the mat on a recent trip to downtown Portland and slept great. I can also already see improvements in my mood and moon cycle.

Research shows that connecting our skin to the Earth's skin, 'Earthing', is essential to our well being. Our bodies are teaming with reactive free radical electrons hungry to join with the negative electrons flowing freely from the Earth. By connecting to the Earth with our bare skin, electrons flow to the place where they are abundant, to where they are lacking, thus equalizing the electrical potential. This reduces or shuts down the inflammatory destruction attributed to dis ease-causing free radicals, alleviating countless health issues--insomnia, diabetes, anxiety, depression, memory problems, chronic pain, hormone imbalance, allergies, etc. Learn more by watching the wonderful Earthing movie (free) and reading the Earthing book.

Our ancestors walked barefoot, slept on the ground, and related deeply to the surrounding plants. However, we've increasingly become disconnected from the Earth by embedding our feet, clothes, furniture, and houses in synthetic material. We've blocked the natural equalizing potential of the Earth from our bodies and increased dis ease.

Because Earthing outdoors isn't always accessible, grounding mats, sheets, and patches have been created to help "Earth" people indoors. They are made of highly conductive carbon material with a cord that plugs into a grounded outlet, re-connecting humans to the Earth. I am so grateful for these studies and product creation that have inspired a deeper connection to the Earth and her healing power.

When spring and summer arrive after a long Maine winter, I'll be reveling in this extra appreciation and understanding of the Earth as I kiss her with bare feet and body. Also, because water (especially the ocean) is full of conductive minerals, swimming is a wonderful way to ground the body. Even taking a bath or shower, if the water is hard and there is a metal pipe draining into the Earth, it's grounding. And as my current shoes start to degrade, I will be replacing them with more sustainable Earthing shoes.

Inspired by the widespread benefits of Earthing, I ordered a small mat for my massage table. My clients will now be grounded in every session with me. I also ordered a small one for my computer so I can be grounded when I write these posts!

Earthing products often go on sale and are available through numerous sites, but if you'd like to support me, please use this link. Do yourself the favor of watching the free movie and putting your bare feet on the ground!

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