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Water is Medicine

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Water has been held in awe and reverence throughout history--think, for example, of The Fountain of Youth, Lourdes water, The Ganges, and the ritual of baptism. Water is used in spiritual purification and clearing, healing, and divination. In Ayurveda, the water element cleanses, brings life, provides nourishment, compassion, flow, emotional and sexual balance. In Alchemy, the water guardians, called Undines, are responsible for nurturing, protecting, and balancing the water forces. They also give voice to the waters in alluring song, referenced in the childhood stories of The Seal Mother and The Little Mermaid. Despite the numerous beautiful ancestral roots in water worship, Western culture has increasingly become disconnected from water's healing properties, both in our bodies and in nature. As Dr. Carly Nuday says in her book Water Codes, “It is imperative if we are to understand our bodies, our health, and our life, our consciousness, our energy, and the Universe, that we expand our understanding of Water.”

Nuday writes that there are two substantially different types of water, with a wide spectrum in between- ‘structured’ which is organized, living, sacred, healing, present in nature, and ‘unstructured’ which is bulk, unorganized, dead, such as bottled and tap water. These two kinds of water have been studied in the research of Masaru Emoto, Dr Gerald Pollack, Dr. Marcel Vogel, Dr. Carly Nuday, and others. Emoto’s book, The Hidden Messages of Water, shows beautiful pictures of water crystals that transformed from mis-shapen to balanced perfection in response to notes saying “Thank you” and “Love.” Conversely, water crystals became mis-shapen after being near harmful EMFs or notes saying “hate.” Since 99% of molecules in our bodies are highly structured, crystallographic water, Emoto suggests we are responsible for the health of our water body (as well as its degradation) as a result of environmental purity and positive thinking.

In his book The Fourth Phase of Water, Pollack writes, “The water inside your cells is absolutely critical for your health…You need plenty of structured water and proteins in their right form to make muscles function properly." He implies that highly structured bio-water, the water in our bodies, and in all living things, is critical to all healthy internal chemical and physical reactions. Also, the level of our hydration and health depends on drinking highly structured water. In Amber Hill’s Medicine Stories Podcast episode 72, she interviews Isabel Friend, who states that the quality of water we drink and bathe in is actually more important than the quality of food we eat, as it can be difficult or impossible to absorb and make healthy use of unstructured water.

Along with negative emotions, thoughts, and the harmful outputs of Wifi and EMFs, there are other contributors to the increasingly de-structured quality of water on Earth and in our bodies. For instance, in nature, water flows harmoniously over rocks in winding stream beds, picking up minerals along the way thereby increasing its structure. Conversely, our municipal water systems carry water in hard angled pipes, treated with chlorine, fluoride, and calcium carbonate. Additionally, our water is contaminated by pharmaceuticals, hormones (mainly from birth control), and various other chemicals. Learn what’s in the water that comes through your tap here.

Since pollution, toxins, and negative emotions de-structure our bodies of water, what can we do to restructure them? Nuday says there is still hope for the water we drink: “Harmful agents, including bacterium, parasites, pharmaceuticals, chlorine, and fluoride, can be made inert or completely removed by employing various water structuring methods…” A few good options for filters that purify, re-mineralize, and restructure our drinking and bathing waters are listed on Friend’s website. Highly structured, living waters formerly existed everywhere, but they are now hard to find and unfortunately still contaminated by pharmaceuticals. However, you can find a natural spring near you and harvest living waters. Nuday actually mentions that one of the best natural springs is Tourmaline Spring in Harrison, Maine!

Other practices that restructure our internal waters include maintaining regular mindfulness practices, like meditation and loving kindness thoughts, immersing ourselves in natural light, nature and water, listening to healing sounds, and intentional rhythmic dance and movement. Daily love for our bodies with prayer and healthy nourishment also helps the water body. Friend mentions that water accepts prayer best in its natural flowing form, so as water moves down your throat, think good blessings and healing vibes!

We can offer prayer to our Earth waters. I enjoy singing the beautiful Algonquin Water song.

I also invite song to come through me while I’m near water, as if I’m giving it voice-each body of water is different and offers a unique beautiful sound. And of course, we can do our part to minimize pollution and toxins on our dear Earth. This is all just the tip of the iceberg! Along with the other links throughout this post, check out Hills’s interview with Nuday and Friend’s classes.

All for now! Blessings on our water bodies!

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